Welcome to the northernmost part of Japan – Flower Island, Rebuntou

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Located in the Sea of Japan, at 45° 30´14" N and 141° 4´16" E, Rebuntou is an island situated in the northernmost tip of Japan.
The central land form is about an 82 square-kilometer expanse where the gentle hills beckon, which spreads out 29 kilometers from the north to the south, and 8 kilometers from the east to the west, all of which surround the highest mountain called Rebun-dake (altitude 490 meters). A sheer steep cliff is a jagged vantage point along the west coast where severe prevailing westerlies blow; this in sharp contrast to gentle mountains that lead the way to the eastern shoreline.

You can enjoy many flowers that can be seen only here, such as “Rebun-atsumori-so” Cypripedium marcanthum var. rebunense and “Rebun-usuyuki-so” Leontopodium discolor, which is a kind of edelweiss in "Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park" located at the northernmost tip of Japan, where alpine plants bloom all over even at sea-level. This is truly an island teeming with flowers and abundantly verdant natural surroundings.
Another feature is the seafood specialties. Surrounded by the sea, you can enjoy a fresh harvest from the sea, featuring sea urchins and arabesque greenling.

What to enjoy

To enjoy Rebuntou, trekking is one of the best ways.

You can choose a course depending on your time and experience from the trail menu that includes a Two-hour Hiking Course for Beginners and an Eight-hour Course for Advanced Trekkers. On either path you can avail yourself to beautiful scenery and resplendent flowers. Even if you are not interested in trekking, Rebuntou still has lots to see and to do.


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