Note that times and dates may be changed depending on circumstances.


Kita-no-Canaria Park opened (May 1, 2014)

The “amazing and glorious views” of the island will excite and thrill you! Admission is free (9:00-17:00)
There are some restrictions on the activities allowed in the park.

Kita-no-Canaria Park Kita-no-Canaria Park

Flower Marathon (May 31, 2014) Start at 9:30

Flower MarathonA special welcome visitors from outside of the island! You will get a little present from the tourist agency, to show our appreciation.
There is another marathon run all around Rishirito the next day, one more event where your participation is also recommended. These events are co-sponsored by Soya Scenic Byways.


Atsumori Thanksgiving Festival

Atsumori Thanksgiving FestivalThis is a small scale event held in front of the plant colony. It is full of fun attractions. For example, if you make few contributions to charity, you can get a ticket for lottery to win fishery products.
Enjoy a variety of programs!
The Tourist Association "Hanano-okami-no-kai" supports the festival!
There are original goods from the plant colony and there is a “Special Area” also open to everyone!


Fishery Festival

Fishery Festival “Delicious Food of the Island” will be available at a special venue at Kafuka Port.
It is full of fun attractions and challenges such as trying to pick up as much octopus and fluke as you can grasp in one hand!
You can also try a “Kamaburo” (a bath in a unique bathtub made of iron).


Lakeside Festival and Strait Festival

Lakeside Festival and Strait Festival Get together at a special venue on the island!
Enjoy the specialty of the island!


Autumn Fiesta

Autumn Fiesta Want to enjoy fall in Rebun even when feeling sad that summer is ending? 
Get together at a special venue at the camping ground by the Kusyuko.