Sightseeing Guide – Scenery of Magnificent Nature

Magnificent scenery, such as unique rocks created by wild waves in winter and Rishiri-Fuji adorned with alpine plants, awaits you here in Rebuntou. Please enjoy the nature to your heart’s content.

Sukoton Misaki (cape)

Sukoton Misaki (cape) This cape is located at the northernmost tip of Rebuntou. From the cape you can see Todo island just in front of you and also see Sakhalin far away on a clear day. These are also the starting points of the Four-hour and Eight-hour trekking courses; the representative treks on Rebuntou.

Todo island

Todo islandAn uninhabited island where seals come
This is an island situated off of Sukoton Misaki at the northernmost tip of Rebuntou. You can see dotards in summer and the silhouette of Sakhalin above the horizon on a clear day.


DotardsWild dotards
Kanedano Misaki (cape)
From early summer to early winter many dotards visit Kanedano Misaki, which is on the opposite shore of Sukoton Misaki. On a clear day you can see a lovely scene featuring dotards sunbathing on the shore comfortably.

Sukai Misaki (cape)

Sukai Misaki (cape)This cape is known as the best point from which to view the magnificently beautiful Rebun Blue sea.
Situated in the bay surrounded by the mountains, you can see sheer cliffs for tens of kilometers along the west coast. The water is so clear that you feel as if you could easily scoop up some sand from the sea bottom.

Momo-iwa Tenbo-dai (observation deck)

Momo-iwa Tenbo-dai (observation deck)Rich in alpine plants in the surrounding area, this spot is designated as a natural treasure.
The view of Rishiri-Fuji from the flower garden of alpine plants is terrific.


Momo-dai/Neko-daiTurning your eyes to the mountain side, you can see a rock that looks like a peach, called Momo-iwa. Returning your gaze to the shore, you can see a rock resembling a cat called Nekoiwa. In this way, you can enjoy two unique rock formations from one spot.


Jizo-iwaThis 50-meter high rock is a symbolic rock on the Motoji coast, and it gets its name from its unique shape which resembles the guardian deity of children (Jizo in Japanese) whose hands are placed together in prayer. Jizo-iwa is also known as a sunset view point.

Kusyuko (lake)

Kusyuko (lake)Kusyuko is the only lake in Rebuntou, where skunk-cabbages open up on the bank in spring, and many wild birds migrate by way of this lake in migration season.
If you are interested in camping, this is the best choice for outdoor lovers, because cottages and bungalows and other such vacation lodging are available by the lake.