Welcome to Rebun Island

Welcome to the northernmostpart of Japan – Flower Island, Rebuntou

Located in the Sea of Japan, at 45° 30´14" N and 141° 4´16" E, Rebuntou is an island situated in the northernmost tip of Japan.
The central land form is about an 82 square-kilometer expanse where the gentle hills beckon, which spreads out 29 kilometers from the north to the south, and 8 kilometers from the east to the west, all of which surround the highest mountain called Rebun-dake (altitude 490 meters). A sheer steep cliff is a jagged vantage point along the west coast where severe prevailing westerlies blow; this in sharp contrast to gentle mountains that lead the way to the eastern shoreline.

You can enjoy many flowers that can be seen only here, such as “Rebun-atsumori-so” Cypripedium marcanthum var. rebunense and “Rebun-usuyuki-so” Leontopodium discolor, which is a kind of edelweiss in "Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park" located at the northernmost tip of Japan, where alpine plants bloom all over even at sea-level. This is truly an island teeming with flowers and abundantly verdant natural surroundings.
Another feature is the seafood specialties. Surrounded by the sea, you can enjoy a fresh harvest from the sea, featuring sea urchins and arabesque greenling.

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360-degree panoramic VR image

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  • Kita-no-Canaria Park

    Kita-no-Canaria Park

  • Momo-iwa Tenbo-dai (observation deck) Course

    Momo-iwa Tenbo-dai
    (observation deck) Course

  • Rebun-dake Course

    Rebun-dake Course

  • Rebun Airport Starry Sky

    Rebun Airport Starry Sky

  • Midorigaoka Park Ikoinomori -Winter-

    Midorigaoka Park Ikoinomori -Winter-

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