Here we introduce local restaurants where you can enjoy delicious seafood. The restaurants also offer many dishes other than seafood.


Kafuka is in the southern part of Rebun Island and there is a ferry terminal here.

Takechan Sushi

Takechan Sushi Takechan Sushi

Isokko Ramen

Takechan Sushi

Fried hokke

Takechan Sushi is the northernmost sushi restaurant in Japan. We have a menu in English for the convenience of people who don’t know Japanese. Our wish is for as many people as possible to visit Rebun Island. Our specialty is sushi, but we also have a variety of other food.
Do visit us to and enjoy the Takechan Sushi.

Payment Cash only
Contact Phone:+81-163-86-1865


A zero second walk or drive from the Ferry Terminal at Kafuka Port (we are on the Second floor of the terminal building)
Address:Shakunin, Aza, Kafuka-mura, Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun


Chidori Chidori

Uni Don(sea urchin served in a bowl on top of rice)


Hokke-no Chan Chan Yaki

Our most popular dish is the “Ganso Hokke-no Chan Chan Yaki” which was first invented and introduced by us more than 40 years ago. Today it is THE popular local specialty in Rebun.
You should also try “Uni Don (sea urchin served in a bowl on top of rice)” and “Iso-ramen” with a topping of sea urchin and botanebi (shrimp) (best from June to October).
That's three must do-s you have to try when you come to Rebun.

Payment Cash only
Contact Phone:+81-163-86-2130


A 5 minute walk or a 2 minute drive from the Ferry Terminal at Kafuka Port
Address:Ton-nai, Aza, Kafuka-mura, Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun

  • When you inquire about Rebuntou with us, we ask that you use simple English, speak slowly (and clearly), and maybe keep a Japanese dictionary handy for consultation.
  • Please note that when you pay with cash, we accept Japanese Yen only.
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